Ulster Unionist Council


The Ulster Unionist Council was established in 1905 as a unifying organisation for northern unionism, in particular to represent the various Unionist Clubs that had been set up in response to Gladstone’s Home Rule Bills of 1886 and 1893 and to strengthen unionist resolve against growing demands for Irish Home Rule in the early 1900s. The Council was formally constituted at a meeting in the Ulster Hall, Belfast, on 3rd March 1905 at which the Duke of Abercorn was elected President and Dr. T.H. Gibson elected Secretary. The functions of the Council were defined as uniting the local unionist associations, binding Ulster Unionist MPs and their constituents, contributing to the formulation of parliamentary policy, and expressing the opinions of the broader movement. From this meeting, the Ulster Unionist Council have represented the interests of the Unionist community in Ulster from the Home Rule Crisis of 1912-14 and the setting up of the Northern Ireland State in 1921, through to the recent Troubles, Direct Rule, the Good Friday Agreement and the subsequent establishment of the Northern Ireland Assembly in 1998. It continues to meet and shape opinion today. Its offices are located at 3 Glengall St, Belfast.\n\nSources:\n<a href="http://www.uup.org/history/index.shtml&quot; target="new_window">http://www.uup.org/history/index.shtml</a&gt;;\nThe Oxford Companion to Irish History, ed. S.J. Connolly (Oxford University Press, 2002).