Byers, John William, Sir

Sir John Byers Collection

National Museums NI, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

Collection of Ulster Dialect items manually recorded by Sir John Byers, c 1890-1910, and examples of proverbs and sayings (dialectal and otherwise) and folklore. The material was collected by Byers, a medical doctor, out of personal interest in this subject area and was recorded from the dialect content of the speech of his patients and from items found in the local press, in particular the Ballym ...

Ulster Dialect & Linguistic Diversity Archive

National Museums NI, Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

Unique assemblage of books, wordlists, research papers and notes etc relating to the study of Ulster Dialect and the process of dialect collection. This collection consists of material gathered together by a variety of interested individuals and institutions including Sir John Byers, Professor R.J. Gregg, R H Montgomery, T.G.F. Paterson and Brendan Adams. It comprises research notes and recordings ...