Crossle, Francis Clements, 1847-1910

Crossle Papers

Libraries NI, Irish and Local Studies Library, Armagh

The Crossle Papers at Libraries NI comprise background and genealogical information on families in the Newry area of Northern Ireland. The information is handwritten and accumulated in notebooks and scrapbooks from the early 1900s. Francis Crossle, and later his son Philip Crossle, compiled the information from old newspapers. The information, gathered in scrapbooks and notebooks, was often supple ...

Military History Collection, Enniskillen

Libraries NI, Enniskillen Library

Enniskillen is home to two distinguished regiments, the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons and The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. In addition to the books that have been written on these regiments, the collection also contains books on the history of other Irish regiments such as the Connaught Rangers, the Irish Battalion, Irish Brigades, North Irish Horse, and Yeomanry. Several of the titles in the collect ...