Crossle, Philip

Crossle Papers

Libraries NI, Irish and Local Studies Library, Armagh

The Crossle Papers at Libraries NI comprise background and genealogical information on families in the Newry area of Northern Ireland. The information is handwritten and accumulated in notebooks and scrapbooks from the early 1900s. Francis Crossle, and later his son Philip Crossle, compiled the information from old newspapers. The information, gathered in scrapbooks and notebooks, was often supple ...

T.G.F. Paterson Manuscript Collection

Armagh County Museum

This collection comprises T.G.F. Paterson's notebooks. The notebooks are concerned with pedigrees and genealogies of families connected with County Armagh, local history, dialect, archaeology, folklore and place-name studies. He published regularly in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, County Louth Archaeological Journal, Seanchas Ardmhacha and the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ir ...

McCance Collection

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

c.150 documents, 1689-1799, comprising the records of the McCance family, and, in particular, of Captain S. McCance of London, presumably for use in his "History of the Royal Muster Fusiliers" (1927). This body of original documents and transcripts has strong military associations relating mostly to the 1798 period in Ulster, and including a remarkable register called 'The Black Book of the North ...