Ewart, Lavens Mathewson, 1845-1898

Ewart 1.1 1572 - Eryn. Hiberniae Brittannicae Insvlæ Nova Descriptio. Irlandt.

Ewart Map Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The Ewart Map Collection is one of 3 core map collections held by Special Collections at Queen's University Belfast. It was originally assembled by Belfast collector and linen merchant, Lavens M. Ewart J. P. (1845-1898). It was formally presented to Queen's University in 1954 by Ewart's grandchildren, Dr. Vivian Lutwyche, Dr. Violet Lutwyche, and Miss Lenore Dawson. A number of complementary maps ...

Lavens M. Ewart Collection

Linen Hall Library

Lavens M. Ewart (1845-1898) was a Governor of the Linen Hall Library. Throughout his life he collected Irish books and books about the linen industry. Lavens M. Ewart's family had a substantial linen business, with which he was connected. The collection reflects his interests. He helped found the second series of the "Ulster Journal of Archaeology". History, topography, biography, proceedings of a ...