Rosenfield Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

Jewish Gazette

The Jewish Gazette

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The opening paragraph of the first Jewish Gazette editorial neatly summarises the aims: "Briefly, our purpose is to record and comment on Jewish activities in Ireland in every sphere, whether charitable, religious, cultural, or Zionist; to crystallise Jewish opinion in Ireland on subjects of controversial or general communal interest; and also to act as the forum from which every shade of Jewish o ...

An appeal to the public by James Tandy

Irish Office Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

This collection (1500 items) included parliamentary material from the Irish House of Lords and a collection of political pamphlets and essays commenting on political, social, economic and religious issues of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Ortelius map of Ireland

Dublin Castle Collection

Houses of the Oireachtas Library

The Dublin Castle collection (6,800 items) contains a variety of formats including historical monographs, maps, periodicals, cartoons, prints and pamphlets. The collection is particularly distinct in its holdings of visual and periodical material. Given the wide range of publication dates, major themes and topics of Irish history are represented. These include materials relating to: The 1641 rebel ...

John Hume Collection

Ulster University, Magee

Themes covered by the collection include the wide range of material to be expected from a constituency MP and MEP. These include peace-talks, devolution, justice system, prisoners, housing, planning, social security, health, education, Irish language, European lesser-used languages, minority rights, justice, economy, business, industry, agriculture, transport, New Ireland Forum, European Union, co ...

Irish and Local Studies Library, Armagh

Libraries NI, Irish and Local Studies Library, Armagh

Noteworthy are some valuable and scarce titles dealing with "tours in Ireland". Local authors like James Stuart, well known for his work “Historical Memoirs of the City of Armagh”, published in 1819 and Rev Henry Boyd, who achieved fame as the first translator of Dante into English – published first in Dublin, 1785 and later in London, 1802 are represented in this collection. The works of many of ...

Local Studies Collection

Libraries NI, Ballymena Central Library

The collection aspires to include comprehensive series of books and pamphlets, journals, CD-ROMs, maps, photographs, postcards, local newspapers etc concerning life within this area, past, present and future and about all aspects of the local environment. Local publications are well represented and the collection includes titles by many local authors. Microfilms of the 1901 Census for Counties Ant ...

Ewart Map A 1680

Hibernica Collection

Queen's University Belfast, Special Collections

The Hibernica Collection, or Henry Collection as it was previously known, is a substantial collection of monographs, periodicals and pamphlets of general Irish interest and/or origin, being strongest in history and literature, and also including works of Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton. Officially established in 1929 with a deposit of 1000 volumes from the personal library of R.M. Henry (Profess ...

Kenneth Reddin Collection

University of Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library

Kenneth Reddin (1895-1967) was an Irish novelist, playwright, and district justice during the first half of the 20th century, sometimes writing under the pseudonym of Kenneth Sarr. Reddin was involved in Republican politics, and his writings reflect that interest. This collection contains versions of two of his works ( Sable and Silver and Another Shore) , personal correspondence with well-known f ...

Samuel N. Freedman collection on George Bernard Shaw

Boston College, John J. Burns Library

The George Bernard Shaw collection consists of approximately 2 linear feet (7 boxes) of Shaw materials accumulated over a period of about forty years by Samuel Freedman. The collection included about 3,000 books by and about Shaw, which are catalogued for the Irish Collection in the Burns Library. Also received with the collection were several framed portraits and posters that are housed in the li ...